About ESS - Joanna Lewis

About European Spallation Source, ESS and a call for collaboration about relevant teaching tools.

Target group: Teachers grade 7-9 and upper secondary school 

Lecturer: Joanna Lewis 

With the European Spallation Source currently under construction outside Lund, Sweden will soon be home to the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, which will be used to produce neutrons, allowing researchers from all over the world to look more closely at materials, atoms and interactions, than ever before.  Due to be ready for first science in 2023, today’s school students could be the ones not only to benefit from the outcomes of that research, but if they follow a path in science or engineering, they could join many hundreds of people who will work here in the coming decades when it is leading the way as a major international Research Facility. 

Joanna Lewis, Public Engagement lead at ESS in Lund, will outline her plans for producing curriculum-linked resources for teachers across Sweden and elsewhere, to use in your own classrooms. These will use ESS, and neighbouring facility MAX IV, as contemporary, exciting stories to bring to life areas of the curriculum in natural sciences, mathematics and computing. By working closely with teachers, Jo is keen to ensure that what is produced is genuinely useful – filling a gap and using tools and applications that are engaging for students and easily accessible and affordable to schools.

So if you would like to be part of this project, sign up to this event where Jo will introduce ESS and its potential, and outline her plans for engaging the public and schools across Sweden in this extremely exciting project being built right here in Skåne.

This event was sent live 2020-11-04.

Introduction and talk/questions about ESS

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