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Outreach initiatives operated by universities for increasing interest in science and technology (ny tab)
European Journal of Engineering Education 
Authors: Lena Gumaelius, Monica Almqvist, Anna Árnadóttir, Anders Axelsson et.al.
Published online: 3 Feb 2016

Bringing physics, synchrotron light and probing neutrons to the public: a collaborative outreach (new tab)
Publication in Physics Education, Volume 49, Number 2 
Authors: Stanley Micklavzina, Monica Almqvist and Stacey L Sörensen 
Published: 2014
Download the article  (pdf 3.01 MB, new tab) 

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Pedagogik i Vattenhallen Science Center LTH 
(pdf 182 kB, ny flik)

Publicerad i Lärande i LTH, blad 13, 2011
Författare: Amanda Haux

Sidansvarig: Vattenhallen Science Center | 2021-09-09