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Inspirational visit

During an inspirational visit, our staff plan freely among our activities and the programme is presented at your arrival. Vattenhallen has a lot to offer, so content can vary from day to day. For example, we can talk about how the body works, do simple physical experiments, look at mechanics and robots, or explore our planet, Earth. The inspirational visit is a big favorite where kids get to learn new things in a playful way.

Experiments with water

The children try out and experience our different water stations. At the hydroelectric station, they can dam up water and see how the movement of the water can make the lamps light up. Using test tubes, pipettes, cooking oil and coloured water, we observe what happens in a test tube. We talk about what is heaviest and lightest, what floats and sinks, and explain what density is. Furthermore, we make giant soap bubbles in an exercise that encourages cooperation, to make the bubbles as big as possible.

Space and robots

Here we combine simple experiments and demonstrations with a visit to the planetarium. The children get to see the show about the bear Ted, who travels among the planets of the solar system and looks for a suitable place to plant his flower. This is an interactive show where the children are allowed to sing along. After the show, the children get to try easy activities and experiments. We test, think and discuss how robots work.

Note! Due to restrictions on COVID-19, we will divide the children's group into smaller groups, to reduce the number of visitors who are inside the planetarium at the same time.

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Price - visit 1,5 hour

  • Group 1-10 persons - 850 sek
    From the 11th visitor 60 sek/person will be added.

Attendant adults do not pay.

You can combine your visit with a short planetary tour, within the time you have for your booked visit, please indicate in the booking form if this is the case.

Note: all visits are booked via the booking form. 

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