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June 22 – August 14, 2021, open to the public, Tuesday-Saturday

During opening hours, we allow a limited number of visitors to our premises:

  • Pass 1: 12.30 - 14.30
  • Pass 2: 15.00 - 17.00 

Advanced bought ticket is required by all visitors, entrance and planetarium tickets can be purchased online via our ticket shop. Tickets are released approximately 3 weeks before the visit. You also have to book a place with an annual card:  

(new tab, in Swedish)

Note! Friday - Sunday, June 25 - 27, 2021 we are closed. We wish you a Happy Midsummer! 

We reserve the right to change or close our premises if the spread of Covid-19 in society changes. 


Mini shows every day at 13.00 & 15.30

Each week, our Mini-shows deals with one or more topics, such as:
- Air and water.
- About different robots, programming, and AI.
- Atoms - about ice cold and red  hot reactions.
- About fluids in and outside the body.
- Geology - about lava, mountains, and volcanoes.
- The brain - about learning.
- About Ultrasound.
- Sound and noise.

Summer holiday Xtra every day

Outdoor activities: giant soap bubbles, sinking ships, rock rings and construction pipes.
Indoor activities: Bluebots and density pipes.

Theme Xtra every week

- We make our own flashlights - W25 and W29.
- Programming with Kojo - W26 and W30.
- We make global goals flea - W27 and W31. 
- We make pH butterflies - W28 and W32.

ExperimentExpressen - outreach

ExperimentExpressen, our outreach, travels out into the county to make experiments.

Planetarium shows in Swedish at 13.20, 14.00 and 15.50, 16.30

Planetarium shows in English at 12.40 and 15.10 

During a visit to the planetarium, in addition to the entrance fee to Vattenhallen, you need to buy a ticket to the planetarium. Tickets ca be purchased online. Recommended age in the planetarium is from 5 years old.


The Children's Room - the Brain Room, an experience for the youngest.
Planet Earth and Climate change
Medicon Alley - about medical technology and research. 
Shoot protons and tickle electrons - about ESS and MAX IV.

Note! The exhibition From Mouth to Rectum is closed due to the cramped space.

Winners pictures

The Swedish Space Agency's astro-photo competition 2020/2021 - the winning pictures are shown in Vattenhallen.

The Swedish Space Agency arranged an astro-photo competition 2020/2021 - see all winning entries at their homepage The Swedish Space Agency (new tab, in Swedish).

How we handle the situation around the Corona virus.

Be sure to double-check your details when booking tickets, annual passes and time slots. Only pre-purchased / pre-booked entrance tickets apply, and even you who have an annual card need to book an entrance ticket to be able to enter the museum. If you have an annual card that you have not been able to use during the time we have been closed, please contact us via email: or phone 046-222 43 51, so that we can adjust the validity period.

When we now reopen, we do so carefully and with the safety of our visitors and employees as the first priority. For everyone to feel safe, we let in a maximum of 25 people per time slot and the visiting time with us is limited to a maximum of 2 hours. We are closed for 30 minutes between the time slots as we clean the experiments and clean up, before we welcome the next group of visitors.

We continue to follow the advice from the Swedish Public Health Agency and follow the development of Covid-19 continuously and work actively to prevent the spread of infection in our premises. Follow instructions on signs and our guides on the premises, keep your distance and avoid congestion. We are closed between the time slots for our visitors to have time to wash off experiments and clean up for the next group of visitors to come.

Anyone who feels the slightest symptoms should stay at home. If you can't visit us due to illness, please contact us.