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Micro Cosmos in a new light

Electromicroscopy images made by Sten Sturefelt, Imaging Resource AB, Lund.

Sten Sturefelt is a microscopy expert with more than 25 years of experience from microanalysis, imaging technology and material characterization within an international R&D organisation. 

Ball point pen

The nib of a ballpoint pen at 70 times magnification.

Blood Cells

Red blood cells with surrounding cell tissue at 10.000 times magnification. The size of the cells is approximately 5 µm.

Lung Cells

Two types of specialized lung cells from the conducting airways, also called bronchi can be seen in this image. The goblet cell (red) are secretory cells that produces mucus (blue). The main responsibility of the ciliated cells (green) is removal of debris and mucus from the lung by mucoiliary clearance. The cilia diameter is approximately 0.5 µm.


A cluster of birch pollen grains. The grain size is approximately 25 µm in diameter. 

Poppy Seed

A dried poppy seed at 65 times magnification.

Sewing Needle

A sewing needle with a human hair. The needle eye size is approximately 0.5 mm. 


A tick (Ixodes ricinus) at 55 times magnification.

As part of the project "Discover Micro Cosmos" 2014, Sten Sturefelt performed a couple of workshops at, among others, the Vattenhallen Science Center in Lund. The main objective of the project was to inspire schoolchildren to be interested in science.

At the homepage of Imaging Resource you can see more illustrations made by Sten Sturefelt