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The planetarium

Shows at the Planetarium:

The Lund University Planetarium welcomes booked groups (usually school classes, but yes, that could be you and your friends) from Tuesdays to Fridays. 

On weekends we are open to the public with shows in the planetarium. These are usually in Swedish, but we encourrage you to contact Vattenhallen in advance of your visit and request a show to be added to the schedule in another language (e.g. English). Everyone is welcome to the Planetarium, there is no age limit, but everyone needs a ticket since there's only room for a limited amount of visitors on each show.  Note that you need an entrance-ticket to Vattenhallen to access the Planetarium during our regular opening hours. 

Shows in English are given on Sundays at 13:00, buy the ticket in our reception or online in our webshop. 

With many of us living in urban areas we are rarely able to look up and enjoy a truly dark night sky full of stars, planets and our Milky Way. Due to the complication of clouds and weather, organizing such observations on a large scale is challenging. This is why we love and appreciate the simulated night sky in the Planetarium.

Following a donation from Carl Springer, Lund Observatory started a planetarium in 1978. For a long time the Lund Univsersity planetarium was placed at Lund Observatory, and was at the time equipped with an optomechanical GOTO projector. But in 2010 the planetarium moved and now it is located at Vattenhallen  Science Center, open to booked visitors and to the public year round.  

In 2012 the Planetarium got a major upgrade. The old optomechanical projector retired and now you will find a modern digital projector at the heart of the Planetarium. This projector is connected to a row of high-end computers that simulate what you see on the dome above you.

A small entrance fee will get you into the Science Center and tickets to shows at the planetarium are extra.  

The Planetarium is a collaboration between The Faculty of Science, Lund Observatory, the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

The Meridian

Astronomy Podcast 
(in English)

An insight into the life and work of our astronomers. 

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