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ExperimentExpressen - Outreach

We will come to You!

Vattenhallen Outreach - ExperimentExpressen - is a part of our external activities, in which we get out on the road to present scientific activities. We offer different packages, depending on type of events, age group and your wishes. 

ExperimentExpressen can be booked for visits to libraries, recreation centres, schools, festivals or company events.


Vattenhallen Outreach - ExperimentExpress, can be booked for a visit to your school or during an event. If you want to contact us for more information and find out if we can come – send an email to: 

Dance programming

A playful introduction to the world of computers.

When you are going to control a computer, it is important to give instructions in the right order. You often need to be a little bit clever and use mathematics to get the computer to do what you want it to do. During the visit, the children dance programming code, control games with spoons and apples, test a robot and do some real programming using Kojo.

  • A playful and fun introduction to programming computers and robots.

Age: 5-8 years
Aktivities and basic package: Kojo + Makey Makey  + dance programming  

Have fun with programming 
Download and try it.

Dance programming

Tomorrow’s energy and construction

Things that rotate give us electricity. Our wind turbines help to increase understanding about how it work. We think about how tomorrow’s energy can be generated and test out different options. The joy of construction is something we want to encourage. We use 4DFrame, a construction material from South Korea, which has great creative potential and promotes children’s passion to create. You can also try out our large construction pipes, you can build a house as big as yourself.

  • Activities that stimulate the joy of construction and awaken interest in renewable energy sources. 

Age: 6-13 years 
Activities in basic package: Wind turbines + waterwheel and 4DFrame + construction pipes 
Optional activity: Monster soap bubbles 

Tomorrow’s energy and construction

Fun chemistry

If it bubbles, hisses and fizzes – it’s about chemistry! In our chemistry experiments, we examine harmless chemical substances in a new way. We make bath bombs that you can test at home in your own bathtub. If the weather permits, everyone can make monster soap bubbles and we share our recipe with you. 

  • Activities with harmless chemical substances that are visual and awaken the joy of experimenting and curiosity about chemistry and science.  

Age: 5-13 years 
Activities in basic package: Make a bath bomb + monster soap bubbles 
Optional activity: Make you own fizzy drink 

Fun chemistry

Play with water

Water is wet, tastes good and it’s important. In our water experiments, we examine water in a new way. We experiment to create a chemical reaction and everyone can take home their own density tube. If the weather permits, everyone can make monster soap bubbles and we share our recipe with you.

  • Try activities and experiments with water that are both visual and awaken curiosity about water, liquids, molecules and science in general. 

Age: 5-10 years 
Activities in basic package: Make you own fizzy drink + make density tubes  + monster soap bubbles  
Optional activity: Air and water show 

Play with water

Robot programming

A playful introduction to the world of computers.

Today, robots and computers are everywhere and it’s possible to learn how they are controlled, by using a little programming. In our introduction, you can try out programming in a fun and enjoyable way. Programming can be done by both children and adults. Within the framework of this activity, we introduce the concept of “dance programming” and give tips on how and where you can learn more about it.   

  • A playful and enjoyable introduction to programming computers and robots. 

Age: 8-16 years 
Activities in basic package: Kojo + Lego Mindstorms + dance programming 
Optional activity: Makey Makey 

Robot programming

Festival and/or company packages

We create dynamic experiences, tailored for festivals and company events, with a high throughput of visitors. We customise solutions, in consideration to time and financial conditions.

Age: 0-100 years 
Activities in basic package: Monster soap bubbles + construction pipes + ingenious puzzles 

Festival and/or company packages

Vattenhallen – Booking request ExperimentExpressen Outreach

Booking request ExperimentExpressen

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Price per visit

- Basic package 2 hours - 5000 SEK
- Basic package 4 hours - 6000 SEK
- Optional activity - 1000 SEK
- Festival and company visit - Price is discussed when booking.

The prices include all materials, transport costs, and fees for participating staff from Vattenhallen.

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