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Technology project

Technology projects are primarily aimed at students in grades 8-9 and upper secondary school students and last for approximately 3 weeks. Cost: 180 SEK/student.

The school elects the number of subjects to be involved in the technology project. The project begins with a meeting between teachers in school and staff from Vattenhallen when the project plans, to suit the school's students.

Below you can see an overview of a project.

Structure and programme

Week 1: Staff from Vattenhallen come to school, we expect about 45 minutes/class. We introduce the project to the students and present the current technology options they can choose. Students choose a technology orientation that they will immerse themselves in. They can work alone with a focus, or be up to three students/orientation.

Week 2: The students come to Vattenhallen for a half-day. They learn an experimental station that relates to the technology direction they have chosen. During the visit, a University student leads them and they will have the opportunity to interview the group leaders, both about their technology orientation and what it is like to be a student at the University.

Week 3: Students arrange a technology fair in Vattenhallen! They demonstrate their respective experimental stations and present the material they have worked with during the classroom classes. Students can invite about 70 visitors, parents or other classes from school!


If you have questions about a Technology project, please make contact with us: 

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