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School visits

All young people, from preschool to upper secondary school classes are welcome to visit us on a planned school visit. These visits can be booked from Tuesday to Friday and last 1.5–2 hours or according to agreement.

We start with a gathering and a short presentation of today’s programme and the staff/student guides. The presentation varies, depending on the age of the pupils. For secondary and upper secondary school pupils, more time is given to present education at Lund University (approx. 15 min).

The pupils are then divided into smaller groups, which are supervised by students at Lund University. The students study different programmes and are at different stages in their education. At the gathering, we encourage the pupils to ask the students questions, during their visit. These questions do not need to be about the experimental stations in Vattenhallen only. Questions about the students’ studies, what it is like to be a student and the students’ visions of the future are much welcome, since we believe that the meeting between our students and the pupils is an important part of the school trip.

You are welcome to eat your packed lunches in Vattenhallen. If you want to do this, please confirm with the staff when booking, there might be more than one group at the time, visiting us. 

School visits according to age and wishes

A theme visit consists of about 1 hour of activities, based on the booking. After that, there is time for other activities. A theme visit is planned for a group of approximately 30 pupils but can be adjusted.

As an alternative to a theme visit, it is possible to book an inspirational visit. Then our staff will plan the activities and the programme, which will be presented at the gathering.

For secondary and upper secondary school pupils, you can also book a Technology project, Inspirational laboratory session, Teambuilding or Workshop/Seminar

If you have some other requests or ideas about your planned/booked visit, maybe book a show or a specific lecture, please contact us and we will discuss the programme together! 

Open the broschure with only text: School Visit (pdf 73 kB, new tab)

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