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Book our Astronomy party!

Modell av planeten Saturnus som hänger i taket på vattenhallen. Foto.

Recommended age:

From 5 years

Number of participants:

A maximum of 30 children  
(We recommend a max. of 25)


150 SEK/child (min. fee 1500 SEK)

For more than 22 children, an additional fee of 500 SEK for an extra student guide is added.

Time schedule and activities:

Time slot 1: 12-14 | Time slot 2: 15-17

12.00 | 15.00: Food/fika and time for opening presents in Salen (parents organize)
12.30 | 15.30: Play and compete on the Digiwall (parents organize according to instructions from the student guide)
13.00 | 16.00: 30 min show* in the Planetarium (Led by the staff in the Planetarium) 
13.30 | 16.30: Guided tour in the Experiment Hall (the student guide leads the group) (30 min)

The time schedule is approximate and can be adjusted in consultation with the Vattenhallen staff. 

Please note:

* The choice of show is planned based on the children's age in collaboration with the staff in the Planetarium.

For parties with more than 12 children, the children will be divided into two or three groups.

If Saturday's show at 1 PM (13.00) is to be included in the party, other activities will be excluded, and the arrangement will be adjusted in consultation with Vattenhallen's staff.

Party schedule


Time slot 1: at 12-14 
Time slot 2 : at 15-17 

During school holidays we unfortunately can't book any birthday parties. 

Science show at the party?

Choose timeslot 1 on Saturdays and replace a party activity with the weekend's show!

Practical information

Our parties are held in the room "Salen", with seating for 30 guests. You have access to Salen throughout the party (2 hours) as well as 30 minutes before, for preparations, and 15 minutes after, for cleanup. 

A student guide will take care of you throughout the entire party.

You are responsible for decorations, food, and drinks, as well as plates, glasses, and utensils, and you are free to decorate salen as you like!

We provide an induction plate and a large pot (for i.e. heating sausages), a coffee maker, a refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, and a cake server. There are also plastic tablecloths to cover the tables.


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