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From Mouth to Rectum - about the Digestive System.

From Mouth to Rectum

With this exhibition, we hope to contribute with new knowledge and understanding of the functions of the organs of the digestive system, and the biological, chemical and mechanical processes involved in digestion.

We also want to provide an overview of what our most important nutrients consist of, how and where they are divided into smaller parts in the system, which factors affect them, and how they travel from the digestive system to other organ systems within our bodies.  


1. Mouth - Teeth2. Mouth - Saliva3. Oesophagus4. Stomach - Gastric juice5. Stomach - Muscle Contration6. Stomach - Pyloric sphincter7. Duodenum8. Small Intestine - Enzymes10. Small intestine - Absorption of carbohydrates, proteins and fat11. Large intestine - Absorption of salt12. Large intestine - Fermentation of fibers and decomposition of lactose14. Large intestine - Feces components

Station 9 - Excessive bacterial cell activation (only for visitor with M1) 

Station 13 - Bacterial diversity (only for visitor with M1)


As a visitor in to the digestive system you will be guided by our staff, in groups and during specific times.

School visitors 

  • Choose a dish.
  • Put together the food molecules and bring them, together with a tag, in to the digestive system.  

Public visitors 

  • Choose a dish. 
  • Bring a tag in to the digestive system. 


  1. Probiotic smoothie of berries & crispbread 
  2.  Sweets & soft drink
  3. Capricciosa with bernaise sause, salad of cabbage & soft drink
  4. Falafel wrap with vegetables, garlic sauce, hummus & water

Mirjam Mitternacht developed the exhibition “From Mouth to Rectum – A Pedagogical Exploration of the Digestive System” as a degree project on the Master’s programme in Industrial Design, in collaboration with Vattenhallen Science Center and the Department of Food Technology. With the support from Sparbanksstiftelsen Färs och Frosta (Savings Bank Foundation), Accus, Danone, Probi and Tetra Pak, the exhibition was made possible to create and implement. 

Publication: From Mouth To Rectum - a Pedagogical Exploration of the Digestive System (new tab).