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Planetarium shows*Target groups**Languages
Big Astronomy TeensAdults en, es
Borders (Fronteras) KidsTeens se, es, pt
Europe to the starsTeensAdultsen, de, es
Expedition ReefTeensAdultsen, sv
Final FrontierTeensen, sv
From Earth to the UniverseTeensAdultsen, sv, de, it, es, +
Distant UniverseKidsTeensAdultsen, sv
Mayan ArcheoastronomyTeensAdultsen, sv, de, fr, es, +
Mexican ArcheoastronomyTeensAdultsen, es, pt
Moons beyond countingKidsTeensAdultsen, sv
Out There : The Quest for Extrasolar WorldsTeensAdultsen, sv, de, fr, it, +
Phantom of the UniverseTeensAdultsen, sv, fi, de, fr, es, +
SatelixKidsTeensAdultsen, sv, de, es, +
Seeing!TeensAdultsen, sv, de, fr, it, +
StarsKidsTeensen, sv
Sunstruck!KidsTeensen, sv, ru
Ted's space adventureKidsen, sv
The Hot and Energetic UniverseTeensAdultsen, sv, fr, de, ru, +
The Sun - Our living starTeensAdultsen, sv
We are astronomersTeensen, sv

* Target groups:
Kids: The show is mainly for pre-school kids. 
Teens: This show is aimed at student in Grade 7-9 and secondary school. 
Adults: This show is aimed at secondary school students and adult groups. 

** Languages: The show can be given in:  sv=Swedish, en=English, fi=Finnish, de=German, es=Spanish, fr=French, it=Italian, ru=Russian, pt=Portuguese. If you see a + then more languages are offered, and you can ask the staff when you book the show if your language is available.