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Stars.  Image: Sky-Skan, NSC creative.


Stars are the power plants of the Universe. They emit light and energy, and literally lights up the Universe.

Since the dawn of time humans have been inspired by the stars and used the pattern they create to pass along knowledge and values through stories.

In this show we follow the hunter and his trusted dog and hear stories about scientists, star, stellar clusters, galaxies, and black holes.

This is a show if you are curious about...

  • What causes stars to shine.
  • What happens when stars run out of their fuel.
  • How we reached our current view of the world.
  • How light exists in different wavelengths and how light that is invisible to our eyes helps us study the Universe.
  • How we have sent robots and telescopes into space to help us study, among other things, our own Sun.
  • What our galaxy looks like and what it is made of.
  • How very old stars are found on globular clusters.
  • About neutron stars and black holes.
  • How new stars are born from giant clouds of gas.

This show is suitable for:

  • Kids and Teens

Through collaboration with planetariums around the world we are able to offer this show in Swedish and English. 

Stars. Credit: Sky-Skan, NSC creative.

Stars. Credit: Sky-Skan, NSC creative.

The Planetarium is a collaboration between The Faculty of Science, Lund Observatory, the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

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