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Seeing! Image:  Mirrage 3D / Koenig Films


We follow a photon on its journey through space. From its creation in a distant star until it lands on somebody's retina. This journey can take thousands of years. Some photons are absorbed along the way, but our photon manages to go all the way and allow us to see our universe. Even though the photons journey ends in your eye, the information it contains travels further into your brain. In this show we will explore some of the most fascinating phenomena in the Universe, from the astrophysics of distant nebulae to the biology of the eye and brain.

This is a show if you are curious about...

  • How stars and planets form.
  • How photons (light) are formed in distant stars and nebulae.
  • How light travels through space.
  • More about our eyes and how we see the world.
  • How our eyes can register the light which passes through the pupil.
  • How the brain interprets the signals it receives from the optic nerve.
  • How we can protect our sight from different eye diseases.

This show is suitable for:

  • Teens and adults 

Through collaboration with planetariums around the world we are able to offer this show in English, German, Italian, French, and Russian. 

Seeing! A Photon's Journey Across Space and Mind. YouTube video.

The Planetarium is a collaboration between The Faculty of Science, Lund Observatory, the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

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