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The astronomers guides our visitors on a journey to the planets, stars and galaxies.

Distant Universe

Here you get to meet an astronomer from Lund Observatory, who acts as your guide on your own cosmic journey.  Along the way you are welcome to ask any questions you may have.  Note that this is a live show, and the content may vary somewhat from time to time.

We leave planet Earth and fly past the Moon and the planets in our Solar System. Out among the stars. We observe how far our astronauts and space probes have traveled, so far, and we discover how that distance compares to the enormous distances between the stars surrounding us.

We go further and get to see our entire galaxy, the Milky Way. We observe how dwarf galaxies and globular clusters orbit our own galaxy and we discover how our Milky Way is only one of many galaxies in our enormous Universe.

This is a show if you are curious about...

  • How it feels to fly out into space among planets and stars.
  • How far a light year really is.
  • How distances are measured in space.
  • How long it takes to travel between planets.
  • How big our galaxy, the Milky Way, is.
  • What other galaxies are out there.
  • How large our universe really is.

    This show is suitable for:

    • Kids, teens and adults 

    Through collaboration with planetariums around the world we are able to offer this show in Swedish and English. 

    Spiral galaxy NGC 300. Credit: ESO.

    Spiral galaxy NGC 300. Credit: ESO.

    The Planetarium is a collaboration between The Faculty of Science, Lund Observatory, the Department of Physics and the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

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