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Medical technology experiments in our experiment hall.

Education and research in Lund

Technology development goes towards faster, smaller and more efficient products used in health care today. We look into the human body and can see more details, we can detect diseases earlier and treat them with greater precision and less side effects.

At Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, LTH the Master's programme in Medicine and Engineering (BME - Biomedical Engineering) has quickly become very popular. 

Lund University offer over 100 Master's degree programmes (new tab) across a wide range of subjects, with many programmes offering a unique inter-disciplinary approach.

The research at the Department of Biomedical Engineering (new tab) can be divided into the following main categories: Ultrasound, Nanobiotechnology and Lab-on-a-chip, Clinical protein science and imaging, Medical signal processing and Biomechanics. Many projects are interdisciplinary and performed in close collaboration with medical departments at Lund University and the University Hospitals in Lund and Malmö.