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Inside Vattenhallen

Entrance level

In Vattenhallen there is a large Experiment Hall where the whole family can try out different experiments. In the middle of the hall is the Planetarium where you can join a journey into our wonderful universe. Through interactive exhibitions, we want to arouse your curiosity and ask your questions in topics such as atoms and particles or medical technology.

At the Main Stage, performances and shows are given to the public, they can contain everything from singing to a performance about atoms or sound. Through our experiments, we want you to be curious and encourage further search.

In the Corridor (on the entrance level) we have different experiments, depending on the theme for the day, with the help of different materials. There is also space to sit down and eat your packed lunch.

The Lecture/Event room can, if necessary, be set and decorated for various events and parties. There is a DigiWall, a digital climbing wall that encourages learning and physical activity.

In the Soldering room, it is possible to solder electrical components together, under supervision.

The entrance is also our Shop where you can buy exciting kits, intricate toys and books.

Level 2

In the Corridor (at level 2), you can see the exhibition "The Earth and the climate through the ages".

On this floor there are two group rooms: The Green Room and the Orange Room. Group exercises and experiments are held here, sometimes films are recorded in the Green Room.

Chemistry experiments are performed in the Chemistry Lab.

The Children's Room is an experience for our youngest visitors (under supervision also for a little older who want to learn more about our senses). 

See a map of our premises:

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